The Call of Darkness

A World of Darkness wiki, based on the chronicle known as The Call of Darkness.
Loosely inspired on H.P. Lovecraft's work, the chronicle tells the story of a group of friends who suddenly witness the supernatural. Overwhelmed by their initial experience, their complete unawareness of the darkness of their world, the troupe now tries to overcome their difficulties and survive in a world very much unknown to them.

The story was designed for two chronicles, and possibly a third or just a postlude depending on the players actions.

The players are currently on the beginning of the first chronicle, after playing a small prelude.

The story is composed of the following chronicles:


I am Garrison, but that is not my name.
I started the chronicle out of my love for horror stories, and even though it tends towards fantasy due to the nature of the game I will try not to forget the darkness inside all of us, and bring the best of it up.


The initial troupe is a group of four real-life friends.
I asked the players to create and initially play their "characters" as if they were themselves. I chose this path so they could relate easier to a normal, everyday, human life. This way, I think, the supernatural would be more of a shock, and repercussions could have a more serious impact. They may get their relatives injured in their course of actions, which they can relate to the real world and, so, give their characters more thought. That's the horror of it, thinking that some things of the chronicle could indeed happen.

With time, their characters evolve in a different way that they do in their real lives, and only then does the true roleplay start. Will they completely change their personalities with their ongoing experiences? Will power corrupt? Will they remain faithful to their beings in the face of terror?

My chronicle, I hope, will amuse and test them. The results, what I have questioned above, will be my amusement in return.

The players currently are:


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