Filipe Augusto
A piece of my sanity for a life I take… Pretty good deal, eh?
Place of Birth: Lisboa
Residence: Lisboa
Age: 24
Occupation: Estudante
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Personal Info
Supernatural: Unknown
Power Level: Unknown
Favored Weapon: Pair of Daggers
Favored Power: Unknown
Misc: N/A
Danger Sense - 2-Weapon Fighting

Born in Lisboa in the 28th of February of 1983, Filipe lived with his parents in Amadora until going to Universidade Lusitana in 2003.

Currently on the 2nd year of Engenharia do Ambiente, shares a room with Tiago in one of the university dormitories.

For hobbies, Filipe likes reading, listening to music, online and table gaming, and he can sometimes be found in one of the basketball courts on the campus. Most of all, he enjoys his times best when with his closest friends.

His music tastes can be found somewhere along the Harcore and Metal, and various kinds of Original Soundtracks.

Regarding the strange events that have befallen the group, Filipe was a little apprehensive by Ana's dissapearance. In fact, he even dreamed with her asking for help the night after she disappeared.

It was with shock that he knew that Ana was dead, during the Library incident with Professor Fernando. Despite his hate for the professor derived from the situation, he advised against the group killing him mainly because it would give
them even more trouble than they needed, and that was his only reason for doing it.

During one of the group's nightly investigations of the Library's backyard, Filipe was attacked by some kind of spectral wolf. Although no visible wounds discernible he felt damaged in some way. He was later renewed by the occult power of the Sphere that José had snatched way from Professor Fernando's Room.

It was in his hands, in some dreamlike state, that the Sphere vanished, and with it went the windows and the door of room 1506.

In the new reality the group's living, after the reappearance of room 1506 door, wierdness and confusion sank in Filipe's mind for awhile, but an assessment of the situation led to an acceptance of his surrondings… for now. The journey back to
the campus can't be done all by themselves in the present state, so Filipe is letting himself go with the flow for the time being.

After meeting the Wolf Guard, Filipe, along with the rest of the group, were assigned some tasks, and joining them would be Captain Tiago Freitas and a partner. Filipe liked the Captain's spirit and intensity while on the missions, so that the sooner they be done with it, the better.

Between one mission and the next, the group met Facadas, they would be master-of-arms. He was going to teach them all in their favorite weapons. Filipe noticed that Facadas seemed to be very proficient with small blades and asked to be mainly taught in that kind of weapon. For some reason, Facadas seemed to be pleased by this request.

During the cemitery assignment, while intrigued by the fervorous Captain's reaction of fear when seeing the dead rising Filipe didn't think much of the case, since the current situation was very distressing by itself. It was during this fight that the group found the Fire Arrows and the Strange Arrow, alongside with a dagger that Filipe kept for himself, and some other things.

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