Jogador: Max Faraday

Naturalidade: Lisboa
Residência: Lisboa
Idade: 24
Ocupação: Investigador ?LOL

Informação Confidêncial

Espécie: Desconhecida
Clan/Auspice/Path: N/A
Poder Favorito: Beber chá
Arma Favorita: Arco

Com metro e meio de pau até a vaca urra.

José was born on the 30th of August of 1983, living the entirety of his youth in Benfica and later moving to Massamá with his parents. Recently he moved out to an apartment near Universidade Lusitana where he still resides to this very day.

José has recently graduated in Computer Engineering specializing in computer networks, currently working as a freelancer and in one of the university's research groups as part of his Masters degree.

José's hobbies include, reading, painting miniatures, playing soccer, volleyball and fencing. He also likes target practicing, although his sight is not what it used to be. His favorite type of music depends on what he's doing… while working José likes chill music , while playing games/doing whatever he prefers something with a bit more substance.

When the uncanny events that occurred in the university took place, José felt himself being pulled deeper and deeper into a sort of lucid dream, where his every action seemed somehow induced by some unknown force.

The whirlwinding series of events, climaxing with the discovery of Ana's slaughtered body, were a shock to José as much as to any other in the group. His actions hence forth were driven more by rage than by reasoning, ultimately leading to him being the victim of an unknown soul in the shape of a ghostly wolf, who cursed him to remain near the university compound under pain of death.

After that, José remembers little of what happened in between, his memory fading deeper in a fog of mysteries and artifacts, and a travel to a place… not of this world.

What happened next is already told in Filipe's narration of the story, up until the battle in the cemetery.

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